Double room DeLux

Spa boutique hotel ”Bats” is located in one of the most beautiful and warm places in Bulgaria, namely in Petrich. The town is located very close to the borders of our Balkan neighbours Greece and Macedonia. This geographical position gives the opportunity for development of business tourism, organizing various events (team buildings, seminars and so on). What would a business meeting with your future or current business partner be if you are not relaxed and not full of energy or you are in bad mood. We know the answer – the meeting will not be beneficial and pleasant. Here coms our task. The hotel complex ”Bats” will take care of everything and everyone. Our cosy and luxurious rooms with private balconies, good sound insulation and room service will allow you to concentrate on your work without being disturbed by anything.

It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you in Spa boutique hotel ”Bats”.