Честита Нова 2019 г.

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phone: ++359 745 6 93 00

Tzar Boris III” str. 43

e-mail: hotelbats@yahoo.com

web: www.hotelbats.com

Petrich 2850

mob: +359 888 09 09 10

manager: Надежда Бацанова

phone: +359888/334633


Тип помещение
Двудневен пакет
Тридневен пакет
Четиридневен пакет
Двойна стандартна стая
281.00 лв. / човек
360.00 лв. / човек
433.00 лв. / човек
Двойна   „лукс“
299.00 лв. / човек
384.00 лв. / човек
453.00 лв. / човек
660.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване
798.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване
898.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване
             ВИП апартамент
770.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване
840.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване
930.00 лв. / Двойно настаняване



  • Деца до 6 години – безплатно; Деца от 6 до 12 години на допълнително легло – 35.00 лв. 
  • Възрастни на допълнително легло  – 50.00 лв.

В цената са включени:

  • Съответния брой нощувки със закуски и вечеря
  • Празнична Новогодишна вечеря
  • Фитнес зала
  • Плувен басейн с топла минерална вода от Рупите – целогодишно
  • Парна баня
  • Сауна
  • Денонощен охраняем паркинг
  • Високоскоростен безжичен интернет
  • Туристическа такса
  • ДДС

• Вътрешен плувен басейн с минерална вода от Рупите
• Джакузи
• Сауна
• Парна баня
• Фитнес
• Паркинг
• ДДС, туристически данък и туристическа застраховка

• До 7 дни от датата на потвърждаването е необходимо да се заплати 50% от стойността на пакета, а останалата сума една седмица преди датата на пристигане.
• Анулации по направени резервации до 31.10.2018г. – без неустойка.
• Такса за анулация от 01.11-30.11.2018г. – 50% от стойността на направената резервация.
• Такса за неявяване или анулация след 01.12.2018г. – 100% от стойността на направената резервация.

Гостите на хотелът на 1-ви януари ще могат да преживеят уникалната атмосфера на известния фестивал на кукерите –станчинари, част от които ще посетят нашия хотел веднага след настъпването на Новата Година.





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Net Supervision Apps Formula Appmia

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Why You Need To Make Use Of Cell Phone Monitor Application

Will you be in need of a Blackberry messenger spy app to keep a watchful eye on your partner, little one or even an member of staff? Perfectly whatever purpose you may have for completing this task this article will help you. Checking a Blackberry is a little trickier than other cellular phones considering the BBM system. The conventional means of conversations for other mobiles is through Text messaging text messages. As a result you can actually make do which has a simple and easy text message interceptor to determine all communications mailed or gained. On the other hand with this type of smart phone persons normally use its messenger support especially. Hence if you do not spy to their BBM company you might definitely miss out important communications.

With mobile management there can be no additional fees including monthly fees ever previously. At $69 cell phone control provides extensive spy functionality like spying on calls, spying on text messages, spying on the position of the man while using smart phone, even the capacity to focus on cellular phone telephone calls reside.

Android operating system spy app normally requires less than a minute to setup with regards to your partner’s Android operating system smartphone, there can be no sophisticated simple steps associated. It is actually only a matter of few mouse clicks and after that; the application form could keep you refreshed along with the continuous exercises on the phone. It performs in full stealth mode without the need of icon showing up on the phone panel. Specifications comprise basically a simple body access to the device, the alternative of world wide web along with a appropriate platform model i.e 1.5, 1.6 or higher 2..

  • Why You Should Try Cell Phone Spy Program
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  • Why Should You Choose Mobile Monitor Application

With many other phone spy you can actually only get the very best following software program link web page moreover find out about from another location actions on device spy using one mobile phone. With faraway spy software the atmosphere would be the control. Because there is no on-line host or individuals neighborhood with faraway smartphone spy tracker there is no fees each month.

HTC spy application is a cellular phone app that is set up on any HTC mobile phone that works the Android Operating System. Widely used HTC Google android devices include the DROID Unbelievable, HTC Hero, HTC Eris, yet others. Set up is complete via the phone’s built-in web browser. You essentially just type a URL then get the software into your phone. Now that added, the app should then begin to track record a number of different cell phone functions that appear on the phone. These occurrences include such things as text messages, phone logs, messages, Global positioning system venues, and shots. These logs are then submitted for your consideration (you place up you profile at time of acquire), and you could then connect to all of the logs implementing any on line connected equipment that features a web browser.

But you can now know exactly the things they are saying and text messaging at each time. With spy cellular phone programs you are able to check the mail messages getting into the telephone forwarded to make sure they are brought to your smartphone or e-mail address without having any find than it at all. Account for ingoing and extroverted texts and make all by yourself guarded.

On this CP tricks, you should at the start drive to the your area. You need to take a position 1 in . higher than the conversation pub. That which you do following that would be to click the plant which happens to be close to the arrow signal. Then mouse click in to the coffee shop right away. For heading forwards and backwards, you merely click the course way which will most likely the dock.

The iphone 4 spy app will let you read through just about every message which comes or is out. It is going to reveal to you the cell phone amounts of the fact that text messages are coming in from or going out to. You could also begin to see the exact area of this device via the Gps system locator. It would express just where the mobile phone realizes at a road map regularly. You will also manage to discover the person’s connections besides just about everything they have on his or her happenings schedule.

I bristled at this – Grumpypants for sure! These young children had no consideration. And what does they imply by „examination it“? I rapidly discovered. I needed hardly ever seen such type of looks previous to or like terms! I needed to receive one other dry up sherry to halt my hands from shaking. The points people were carrying out on my small recliner!

Understand How To Provide Essays Such As An Established GetWritings

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Finest Essay Writing Site for Usa Participants

Anyone who has implemented a journalism class have more than likely discover the „inverted pyramid“ idea. Basically, this signifies the method of thing reporting which positions the many essential points towards the top of the history. Starting from the most important paragraph, your reader extends to recognize the „who, whereby, when, what, why and how“ of a typical story, while using the remainder belonging to the perform serving to fill out the details.

What is considered you essay tutorial project? Do you ever realize what exactly your professor or mentor is requesting for? To be a college professor I have got watched a number of a essay and word paper writing responsibilities botched up considering that scholars did not do as advised. Should you be having difficulties analyzing precisely what the essay assignment is then you can ask your tutor until you are obvious of what is predicted. Wondering will get you on your combine. Familiarize yourself with your essay and words paper area and easily what you want to do along with it. Ascertain just what you are about writing for. Describe a purpose for this writing. Indicating your coach or professor is making you prepare an essay paper is not a purpose. You desire your essay to generally be interesting with a wide market.

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Before everything else, you don’t end up being fearful how you can expect to exhibit your develop as an author though writing recommendations. Always remember that product reviews may not be the traditional choice simillar to skilled professional business enterprise articles. Hence, you will be free to show the things you aim to produce and publish it for a readership at which they will value and gain knowledge from it.

The initial move to find the best Phrase paper writing services are to perform savvy and detailed research. Because the people who reply to the population blog sites and discussion boards never lay about a single thing, so you may send we guidance endure your entire research to the next tier getwritings if you have had not ever drafted an essay before those people for the best instruction. Soon it will be easy to jot decrease at minimum 5 online sites that is for your prime factor. Yet lastly you will need to fall only to a person which you may do it by tests them. Under that aspect is defined.

This is essential element of the essay writing course of action. After you have accurately realized what are the essay real question is asking you can investigate what sorts of holding up homework you need. There is absolutely no should come up with all of your case yet save yourself that for later inside your essay writing trial. For the time being you need to know just what the question for you is asking you. Highlight essential terminology and discuss some possible aspects.

HS: The best advice I’ve actually attained was to remain in institution. I only say that since the framework of a school requirements and develops writing. We have the quantity of writing I had these days on account of undergrad and graduate writing programs that desired the writing from me. For this occasion it hasn’t changed merely because now my young people marketplace demand the writing from me. I have not kept university, I recently switched seating in the class room.

They are primary tricks for essay writing. Naturally, any essay paper has its own format. But provided writing an essay remains a method to can help you ingenious strength out, anything is feasible.